Why have Copper3D developed anti-microbial solutions?


Hospitals and other medical institutions face many challenges in ensuring their facilities are sanitary to avoid cross contamination from harmful microbes that can severely affect patient outcomes. Outbreaks of bacteria such as MRSA is unfortunately common place in many hospitals.

Virtually every part and item in a hospital can harbor bacteria, often from places you wouldn’t expect – e.g. surfaces (such as door handles and counters), swipe cards, mobile phones, toys and commonly used medical devices.

Anti-microbial treated surfaces and medical devices can dramatically reduce the prevalence of infections from harmful microbes, and avoid negative patient outcomes. In the UK, NHS reported statistics showed 1 in 16 patients have been adversely affected by Healthcare Associated Infections.

Copper3D’s nano-copper anti-microbial additive has been proved to an effective and safe way to provide a level of protection when incorporated into a variety of areas and products where bacteria can exist in medical institutions.

We are working on a number of projects with leading universities, medical device manufacturers and Point-of-Care expert clinicians – we have only just begun to explore the game-changing possibilities that 3D technologies can achieve with our anti-microbial materials.