Copper3D is a Chilean and USA based company founded by professionals that are passionate about innovation and the impact that new technologies have on the quality of life of people.

We hack materials to transform them into 3D printable forms that can be used to created a variety of medical devices that have antibacterial active properties and avoid infections. Our first flagship product is a 3D printable material is called PLACTIVE that is being used by medical practitioners all across the world to reduce infections and improve patient’s lives.




What drives us to develop anti-microbial products?

The statistics are worrying:

  • 10% of all worldwide patients admitted in a hospital will acquire at least one healthcare-associated infection (HAI)
  • Annually in the US, 2 million patients are infected during their stay in hospitals which leads to 90,000 deaths
  • The estimated cost for the US Healthcare System alone is up to $45 Billion
  • 50% of HAI’s at worldwide level are attributable to bacterial contamination from Medical Devices
  • Many users of prosthetics and orthotics develop painful skin conditions as a result of bacterial buildup due to prolonged use of assistive devices.


This graphic shows the results of 2 studies conducted by microbiology laboratories in USA and Chile1,2. Both studies confirm that the Colony Forming Units (CFU) of Staphylococcus aureus MRSA and Escherichia coli DH5α, falls abruptly during the first 6 hours of exposure to PLACTIVE (>95%), continuing the elimination of bacterial strains until reaching >98% elimination at 8 hours and >99.99% elimination at 24 hours.

PLACTIVE is a 3D FDM printable material that can be used on any FDM printer.

1. SITU Biosciences Microbiology Laboratory, USA.
2. Microbiology Laboratory of Universidad Católica de Valparaíso, Chile.